Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Let couples have February 14 with its romantic candlelit dinners and long-stemmed roses — until then, it’s time for ladies to heart ladies. That’s because, in case you hadn’t heard, it’s Galentine’s Day. Much like how Seinfeld gave us Festivus as an alternative to Christmas (complete with feats of strength and “the airing of grievances”), in 2010, Parks and Recreation offered an alternative — or addition — to Valentine’s Day when Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope designated February 13 as a holiday to celebrate women’s friendships.

More than a decade later, the concept has spawned Galentine’s Day merchandise, pop-up stores, and even Galentine’s-themed tie-ins at restaurants and resorts. But really, Galentine’s — which can take place anytime between February 1 and Valentine’s — is simply an excuse for women to get together and celebrate each other. And if you and your gal pals have Galentine’s plans, why not show some love for the planet with these sustainable Galentine’s Day ideas? After all, we do call the environment Mother Nature.

Sustainable wine night  

For this Galentine’s Day, why not gather at a local winery or organic wine bar for a sustainable celebration? Do a wine-tasting and try out different organic options, which have no added sulfites and a lovely, distinct flavor. Alternatively, you can pick up a bottle or two of organic wine — the more local, the better — and take them home for a Galentine’s Day wine night with friends. Light some soy-wax candles, turn on a favorite movie, settle in for long conversations, or play cozy board games — whichever suits you and your gal pals. You can also incorporate a charcuterie board using local, small-batch cheeses from sustainable farms as well as homemade bread and sauces. 

DIY plant potting party  

For plant lovers, this one's for you. Head to your local greenhouse or shop for plants, ceramic pots, and organic soil. Bonus points if the plants are low-maintenance, native to your area, and require less water. For added adventure, you could even hunt for wild clay and make clay pots by hand. Then, once they’ve cured, fill them with organic soil, appropriate fertilizer, and add your new plant. This is such a wonderful way to bond with your friends and enjoy a sustainable Galentine’s Day.  

Upcycle craft night  

For another creative and sustainable Galentine’s Day idea, gather pieces that can be upcycled. They can range from old clothes to fabrics to miscellaneous items that might otherwise be discarded. From there, transform them into something new and usable.   If you don’t know where to begin, seek inspiration online and head to a nearby thrift store to pick up scraps. Remember you’ll probably need items like scissors, needle and thread, paint, and other crafting essentials depending on your projects. This Galentine’s Day idea is the perfect way to repurpose items and reduce waste while making memories with those closest to you.

Virtual wellness retreat  

Whether you’re celebrating from a distance or looking for unique Galentine’s Day get-togethers, a virtual wellness retreat offers a convenient, low-impact way to gather, learn, and relax. Many platforms offer sessions on sustainable living, yoga, or mindfulness. So, choose a workshop that aligns with your interests — whether it’s learning about eco-friendly skincare routines, mastering the art of sustainable cooking, or indulging in a joint yoga session led by an eco-conscious instructor. Not only will you be nurturing your minds and bodies, as well as strengthening your friendship, but you’ll also be instilling a sense of togetherness in your commitment to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. After the workshop, take time to reflect on what you've learned and how you can put these practices to good use, making this Galentine’s Day a stepping stone toward positive change.

Sustainable Galentine’s Day dinner night  

Ditch the stress of cooking and head to your local eco-friendly restaurant for a Galentine’s Day dinner. These restaurants tend to focus on seasonal, local produce sourced from sustainable farms and establishments. So, soak up quality time and cuisine with your besties this Galentine’s Day and finish it off with organic wine.  If you’re planning a lunch date instead, skip the wine and pair your meal with organic smoothies or coffee instead. 

Homemade pizza party   

On the other hand, if you and your gal pals love to cook or are curious to learn, Galentine’s Day calls for a homemade pizza night. Whip up a homemade pizza dough using a few simple ingredients — flour, dry active yeast, olive oil, water, and salt — and prepare a homemade marinara or pesto sauce. Feel free to get creative or keep it simple with toppings. Enjoy your pizzas with sparkling water or organic beer from a nearby brewery. And remember being eco-friendly doesn’t stop with the food. Instead of plastic, choose reusable plates and cutlery. And hand out cloth napkins as a sustainable alternative to paper napkins. You can then easily wash them with laundry detergent sheets and store them for future parties. 

Knitting party  

For the crafty friends who love to knit and crochet, come together for a yarn-filled celebration. Meet up at a local cafe, park, or your house and enjoy long conversations as you knit or crochet. You could make the day extra special by unwrapping a gift exchange. Make small, quick-to-knit items so that they will be finished by the end of the sustainable Galentine’s Day get-together.  

Go for a hike  

Soak up the fresh, crisp air this month by celebrating Galentine’s Day in nature. Depending on where you live and what the weather is like, a day hike is one of the most sustainable ways to celebrate the occasion with friends. Just be sure to tidy up and leave no trace before you head home.  

Take a walk downtown  

When was the last time you explored your city’s downtown? This Galentine’s Day, get your friends together for a walk through the city. Support local businesses like independent coffee roasters, sustainable thrift stores, boutique shops that make their own soaps, or local bakeries that use organic ingredients. Show your support for the community while bonding with your best friends on Galentine’s Day!  

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