Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes Made to Thrill

Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes Made to Thrill

You might find yourself in the danger zone when trick-or-treaters come knocking this Halloween. According to Pinterest, where users share DIY ideas, top costume choices for Halloween partygoers this year include the pilots from Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis, and even pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne. The platform also named Stranger Things, The Lord of the Rings, Harley Quinn, Hocus Pocus, and Anna Delvey, the subject of Netflix’s Inventing Anna, as sources of inspiration for those looking to conjure up their own costumes.

But regardless of who — or what — you’re planning to dress up as, it’s important to do so sustainably. It could even communicate an eco-friendly message on this otherwise spooky holiday! So, let's see how to create a responsible, eco-themed costume. Have fun!

The wonders of upcycling

We all have clothes and objects in our homes that we no longer need. With upcycling, we can reuse them to create something new, preventing them from cluttering up landfills.

So why not take advantage of this to make Halloween costumes for the whole family? Old trousers, old sweatshirts, worn-out jackets — there is plenty of material to create perfect zombie disguises! A little bit of red paint, a few extra rips and that’s it! Off you go trick-or-treating! Don’t forget that even old pillowcases can be turned into treat bags, which you can use every year.

Do a costume swap!

Everyone likes to display a new costume for Halloween — but it only has to be new to you. There is no need to buy costumes every year to have fun impersonating different characters. Organize a swap with your friends, neighbors, or other family members: quickly, cheaply, and ecologically. Everyone will go home with a new costume, ready to look good at the party.

Of course, a wash cycle with our eco-friendly SaltyLama detergent strips is ideal to ensure your new outfit is clean before wearing it.

Create home-made make up

Painting your face is fun and allows you to transform into almost any character you want with a few strokes of a brush. A fierce tiger, a butterfly, or even the Hulk — all attainable with the right make-up.

For a truly eco-friendly Halloween, why not conjure up your make-up at home? You’ll have a natural product that’s safe for you and the environment. Moreover, making it will be a different experience for everyone. There are various recipes for preparing colors suitable for your skin. One requires only corn starch, body cream (always eco-friendly), water, and food coloring. Just quickly search the Internet to find the tutorial that suits you. And, when your friends compliment you, you can reply: “Thank you! I made it myself!”

Onesie? Why not!

Who doesn't love to stay warm and comfortable? Well, why not do it for Halloween, too? Sure, buying new is not as environmentally friendly as recycling old clothes. Still, with one purchase, you can satisfy more than one need — transforming into any number of famous characters while also enjoying something cozy and fun that will last you through the coldest winter months. Onesies are perfect for this. Now, you must choose: do you want to be Pikachu or a unicorn?

Pick an eco-themed disguise

Now that we know how to create a costume sustainably, we need to decide what to dress up as. Here are some eco-friendly ideas to be inspired by:

Captain Planet

In the early 1990s, anxiety over environmental issues was so intense, a cartoon superhero emerged to protect the planet: Captain Planet! With his friends, the Planeteers, he fought pollution and brought a smile to the faces of children everywhere. Why not brush up on his fighting strength this Halloween? (Or at least re-watch the Rick and Morty episode, A Rickconvenient Mort, which introduced the Captain Planet-inspired Planetina.)

Polar bear

The great white predator is, sadly, becoming prey to climate change. Let’s not forget him on this festive day and instead help others remember how important it is to maintain eco-sustainable behavior. More than 750 billion tons of ice melt yearly due to global warming — a trend that must be reversed for the good of the planet and its species. Creating a polar bear disguise is easy; you can do it without buying anything. All you need are white clothes — including a cap to create ears — and a black make-up pencil to color your nose.


Who doesn't like puns? This year you can use one to spread awareness about the disappearance of our precious allies, the bees. In 2021, about 40% of bee colonies vanished in the U.S. If this process is not stopped, it could significantly impact the ecosystem, as bees play a key role in pollinating plants. So put on your zom-bee costume and take advantage of your friends’ questions to spread awareness about this important issue.


Yes, our mascot could not be missing from this list! But did you know that our darling can also be a valuable helper for ecological breeding and farming? Llamas are naturally inclined to protect other animals if they have established a bond with them. This makes them excellent guardians for flocks of sheep, keeping coyotes or other predators away. This way, farmers can avoid using traps or other drastic and deadly measures to protect sheep!

Have you found inspiration among our ideas? Whether it’s Captain Planet or a melting glacier, we hope to see many of you decked out in an eco-themed costume this year. Have a safe, sustainable Halloween!


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