about us

We Believed a Community Can Change the World by Putting the Planet Ahead of Profits

The belief became a mission. Now the mission is a movement.

At SaltyLama, we’re convinced business can be a transformative force for good in the drive toward sustainable living and a better tomorrow. By offering high-performance, eco-friendly alternatives to consumable household products, our diverse, dedicated team strives to make a lasting impact on human and environmental health.
Every ethically-made SaltyLama product has been reviewed to meet our uncompromising commitment to quality. Free of plastics and harmful chemicals, they are safe for people, animals, and the planet — while also being powerfully effective.
We believe you can have cleaning power and a cleaner world. Being kind to the environment is now simple and attainable. Eco-friendly is now consumer-friendly.

This empowers people.
And we believe this can heal the planet.

Our Mission

No one wants to make laundry even more of a chore. No one wants to make detergent even more of a hassle to handle. So, we came up with something better.
Our SaltyLama Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Strips are made from natural ingredients and sleeved in biodegradable packaging for a plastic-free future. Because they are lightweight, they require less fuel to transport, resulting in only 4% of the CO2 emissions produced by shipping traditional detergents.
Better still, each strip is pre-measured and ridiculously easy to use. You will wonder why you didn’t make the switch from liquid and powder detergents sooner.

What We Believe

Small acts can create meaningful change. Scrappy solutions can overcome insurmountable problems. Something as simple as changing how you do laundry can turn it all around. Do we genuinely believe a detergent strip can help save the world? We do. And it will.
We took our name from Lama glama, the original spelling of the humming, sociable, long-necked llama. You may have heard of this camelid’s feisty, tough — even salty — reputation. But did you also know the resilient, endangered llama is revered for taking sheep, goats, and other animals into its family to protect them from predators?

Like the Llama, we welcome everyone into our community.
Like the Llama, we’re also kind of adorable. And we won’t back down.

Our Culture

At SaltyLama, we don’t just say we are a community of teammates committed to a brighter future — we have staked our company on it. Early on, we decided to create a structure in which SaltyLama’s value is distributed among all its people. Truly, we are all co-creators, sharing common passion and purpose. All of us stand committed to the ideal of putting the planet ahead of profits.

And whether you are a partner or customer, consider yourself a welcome member of our growing community.

Creating a Better Tomorrow, Together

Even as we stand at the forefront of environmental innovation, we promise to remain true to our values. We will not compromise on quality or depart from our shared vision of a sustainable future. For our team, everything we do reflects five points:

Maintain trust and transparency
As a company that has earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product Label for our Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Strips, we are recognized as a business committed to combating false marketing claims and the practice of greenwashing. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Make sustainability democratic
When we say we are democratizing sustainability, it means we believe everyone should be able to contribute to a better future. That means products designed to be accessible for everyone: from ease of use to affordability.

Put others first
For us, it’s about more than putting the planet ahead of profits. We see our community of customers, partners, and teammates as key to the success of not just SaltyLama, but the movement toward sustainable living. We will always be there for them.

Strive to be better
Driving toward positive change isn’t easy — and we aren’t infallible. But we try to improve day after day, realizing that only together can we ensure a cleaner tomorrow.

Enjoy creating the change
We are not here to preach or shame you into altering your lifestyle. We believe positivity always wins the day. And while talking about laundry and household cleaning may seem a bit boring, we think our cutting-edge products are actually pretty cool.

What’s Ahead for the Movement

With our laundry strips now the fastest-growing eco-friendly detergent strips in the US, and more environmentally-responsible products due in 2023, SaltyLama is next set to become an e-commerce marketplace that enables individuals and companies to sell eco-friendly, safe, and sustainably-made products around the world.

The SaltyLama Story

The Beginning
SaltyLama was born at the end of 2020, when two friends realized their shared passion for the environment and their desire to make a difference.

The Problem - What makes us Salty ...
They saw first-hand the impact that climate change and pollution had on our planet and wanted to create a company that has the ability to not only reduce these negative impacts, but one that would create a world-wide movement to sustainable living.

The Research
Together, they dived into the various ways in which they were able to make an impact and found that consumable products are one of the main causes of waste, pollution and climate change.

They realized that the negative impact on the environment was even worse than they thought and knew they would not be able to do this alone ...

First we needed a Name ...
After much research and debate: SaltyLama was born.

Salty: In reference to the ocean, which must be protected from plastics, dumping and ail otherwise pollution.

Lama: The original spelling of a unique creature (the now called Llama) from the animal kingdom that may become endangered at the current rate of landfill expansion, plus: they're just too darn cute!

Then we needed the team ...
They decided to create a novel organizational structure where SaltyLama's equity is distributed among all its creators. Shortly after, SaltyLama had a Team of over 70 like-minded Co-Creators all motivated and passionate about saving our precious planet!
Our team has now become a Co-Creation machine of over 1000-strong, expert individuals from a cross the globe.

And now we have the Solution!
Starting with our first product, launched in 2022, is our SaltyLama Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent
Strips. This product is made from Natural ingredients, comes in a compostable fiber-based sleeve, and produces only 4% of the CO2 emissions of regular laundry detergent upon transporting.

And even better, you don't need to be a super sustainable individual to want to use these: our ultra-concentrated, powerful Laundry Detergent Strips are extremely convenient, pre-measured and super easy to use, making them the perfect replacement for ordinary liquid and powder laundry detergents.

As we continue to grow, we are introducing new products based on the same Brand ethos - Join us on our journey!