Unwrap Greener Holidays with these Gift Ideas

Unwrap Greener Holidays with these Gift Ideas

Stores are shimmering with red and gold decor, festive holiday music has replaced the white noise at your favorite coffee shop, and streets are flickering in golden lights — all clear signs the season is underway. And if you’re dreaming of a green one like we are, you’re going to love these eco-friendly gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for your picky cousin or your eco-warrior sister, these presents are sure to impress while also being kind to the environment.  

Gifts for people on the go  

Bamboo travel utensils   

Buying for that friend that loves a good takeaway? Gift them a set of bamboo travel cutlery, which includes a fork, knife, spoon, and even a reusable straw. You can even add a tote bag to avoid the pesky plastic bag they would likely otherwise receive.  

Stainless steel coffee mug  

Coffee lovers on the go definitely need this sustainable holiday gift. Whether you go for an outdoorsy REI-style mug or a cozy Keep Cup, gift these and help stomp out single-use coffee cups. And remember — even paper cups that seem eco-friendly are often coated in plastic and cannot be recycled

Organic, sustainable wine  

We all know a wine lover. This holiday season, gift them the deliciousness of organic wine. These wines are eco-friendly because they do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals at any point during the winemaking process.  If you have no idea where to find one of these eco-friendly gifts, check out this handy guide on some of the best sustainable wine of 2022.   

A no-waste veggie cookbook  

The best way to be sustainable in the kitchen is to use everything. That’s why a no-waste veggie cookbook is easily one of the best gifts for foodies this holiday season. Whether they’re already familiar with sustainable cooking practices or a total novice, this cookbook will sort them out with plenty of inspirational recipes.  

Gifts for home bodies  


Oversized wool blanket  

Who doesn’t love wrapping themselves in warm blanket and settling in for a good film in the evening? Find a thick, organic wool blanket and make a home body particularly happy this holiday season! If you need something not so warm, opt for 100% organic cotton instead.  


Eco-conscious candles  

From charming Etsy shops and beyond, finding eco-friendly and non-toxic candles is a breeze if you know where to look. What’s the deal with regular candles? Typical store-bought candles use paraffin, a petroleum waste product that has to be deodorized and chemically bleached to become wax. Of course, don’t forget petroleum is a fossil fuel, making it a big sustainable no-no.  

Eco-friendly laundry detergent strips  

Stop settling for harsh detergents and heavy plastic jugs this holiday season. Show a loved one the chic side of laundry day with SaltyLama's easy-to-use laundry strips. They use no plastic packaging, are biodegradable, and only use the cleanest ingredients. Our laundry strips are a wonderful sustainable gift idea, especially if paired with wool dryer balls that collect microplastics from your clothes. Gift them a subscription and really make a positive environmental impact!  

Gifts for the skincare lover  

Safety razor for a clean shave  

Go green by gifting someone an eco-friendly safety razor this holiday season. These not only look good in the bathroom, but they eliminate disposable razors and exceptionally cut down on plastic waste. Plus, the dull blades can be recycled and easily replaced with new ones at home.   

Refillable shampoo and conditioner  

These clean-beauty shampoo and conditioners use stainless steel bottles to eliminate single-use shower products. That means this eco-friendly gift idea results helps fight plastic waste in the ocean and landfills. Nice! You can also consider solid shampoo and conditioner as a completely package-free alternative.   

Accessories are always a safe gift  

Sometimes shopping is difficult – which may be why you’re reading this article. Luckily, accessories are a thing, and they make for easy-to-please and sustainable gifts this season.  


Handcrafted jewelry 

Most people wear some form of jewelry, and that’s why they are excellent holiday gifts! One of the best places to find sustainable jewelry is Etsy. Limit your search to your home country (or even your state) and support handcraft artisans and your local community along the way!    

Wool scarf  

A simple and stylish 100% wool scarf is a wonderful gift for the holidays! The weather is crisp (we hope), and a wool scarf is a cozy thing to throw on for some extra warmth in winter. Choose 100% organic wool for the most sustainable option. 

Ethical watch 

There’s no time like the holiday season to gift someone a sustainable watch! This eco-friendly gift can easily be personalized to fit the style of the recipient. Choose from watches made from ocean plasticbamboo-based, or use a solar-powered battery.  




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