Decorate your Holidays with Sustainable Style

Decorate your Holidays with Sustainable Style

Bringing a little extra sparkle and holiday cheer to your life doesn’t have to land you on the naughty list. While it’s easy to head to your nearest supermarket and stock up on decorations to add that festive glimmer to your home, it’s far more satisfying to create something of your own — especially if it has an eco-friendly twist. Plus, DIY decorations are much better on the bank account (something we all need during the holidays).

So, gather the family for some quality time and embrace a more sustainable season! Try out these easy, eco-friendly holiday decoration ideas.  

DIY dried orange slice garland 

This is such a fun DIY garland idea that can easily involve the whole family. Brew some warm drinks, turn on some jazzy holiday tunes, and get in the seasonal spirit with this easy project. They're aesthetically pleasing and smell just as good as they look strung up around the house. Whether you want to dress your tree with these aromatic orange slices or drape them around your mantel, DIY garland will add a sparkle to your home. You’ll need a small handful of items from oranges (of course) to twine, but it’s all very straightforward and enjoyable to complete. Best part? If you keep them stored in an airtight container after the holidays, you can use this DIY decoration year after year! Hello, sustainable living. 

See how to make DIY dried orange slice garland. You can also try this orange peel star garland for a different result.  

Simple natural wreath 

Who doesn’t love a wreath hanging on their front door during the holidays? Skip purchasing those cheap plastic ones and easily make your own from nature instead. They smell amazing, too! Just take a walk out in nature to find flimsy and bendable twigs to build the base of the wreath. From there, you can style your DIY wreath however you like. Add pinecones, evergreen twigs, holly, lavender sprigs, and dried flowers — the possibilities are endless. If you need some inspiration, check out these minimalist natural wreath ideas 

Crochet stars 

Can you or someone in your family crochet? If so, they’ll have a winter wonderland of a time making crochet stars to display on your tree. Choose a natural hemp or burlap yarn for the most sustainable and rustic look. These DIY ornaments are small, quick to make, and look splendid hanging on the tree. 

Homemade candle jars 

Add some coziness around the house this holiday season with easy DIY candle jars. We recommend you upcycle glass containers from around the house and purchase soy wax or beeswax candles to maximize sustainability. From there, you’ll only need any extra items you’d like to add. Use burlap to wrap cinnamon around the jar, add water and sliced fruit before popping a candle on top, or keep it plain and simple. The choice is yours!

Cinnamon sticks 

It doesn’t get any easier than this eco-friendly DIY ornament. Simply grab a couple of cinnamon sticks, tie them together with burlap twine, and hang them on the tree. They create a simple aesthetic and smell lovely next to the aromatic branches of your evergreen tree! Bonus: They will also pair nicely with sliced orange garland and crochet stars. 

Pinecone garland 

Pinecones are natural beauties many of us can find on walks around our neighborhoods or nearby parks, making this one of the most budget-friendly DIY decorations. You will need some pinecones, twine or ribbon, and screw eyes, which are cheaply available in the hardware section of your local supermarket. From there, enjoy the process of creating this simple project that will keep for years to come! Find out how to make pine cone garland here

Natural centerpieces 

Let your creativity guide you here. Thrift (or make) a crochet centerpiece or table runner as your base and combine earthy elements like pine twigs, pinecones, holly, and the DIY candle jars. You can also use a small basket or upcycled tin can to add twigs and pinecones inside. Your table will soon look expensive, elegant, and full of winter spirit. Follow this guide for table centerpiece inspiration.

Scrap ribbon tree ornaments 

Thrift or gather scrap yarn to make cute ribbon tree ornaments with wooden branches as the base. Just tie pieces of ribbon around the base, then cut the excess – getting shorter as you work your way up the base – until it looks like a little tree. The project calls for hot glue, but you can easily skip this step and tightly knot the burlap around the top of the tree instead. Find out other ways to enjoy an eco-friendly and sustainable winter with this handy guide.

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