Embrace the Season with Eco-Friendly Fall Decor

Embrace the Season with Eco-Friendly Fall Decor

Are you among those people who love autumn? Are you looking forward to the pleasure of wrapping yourself up in a blanket and sipping warm drinks or being caressed by the crisp air during a nice walk? There are many reasons why this time of year is magical, starting with the colors and flavors of the season.

Autumn is a gift that nature gives us every year — let’s give her something in return by choosing to create only eco-friendly fall decor. This way, you will bring the beauty of this season directly into your home, but always in an ecological and environmental-friendly way. Let’s find out together how to put together 100% natural solutions. 

Disposable? No, thanks!

Who doesn’t like plastic spiders and fake webs? The environment! Sure, it’s fun to have original decorations around every Halloween, but how many of them end up in the trash bin when the party is over? What seems like a nice decoration today becomes rubbish tomorrow, polluting the environment and risking damage to animal health. The good news is that there are environmentally friendly alternatives to disposables. For example, why not create fake cobwebs from organic fibers, such as cotton or jute? They are safer for the environment, and you can use them again and again, every year.

The many lives of your pumpkin

Among the lovely autumn colors, orange has a special place in everyone’s imagination — thanks to the beautiful pumpkins, the heart of this season, and its most beloved holiday, Halloween. Yet, once the party is over, countless pumpkins end up in landfills, where they decompose anaerobically and unsustainably. But a better solution exists. The bad news is that this might mean giving up your Jack-o’-lantern friend. We all know how these decorations, as beautiful as they are, eventually turn into mold. But decorating your house or patio with whole, uncarved pumpkins will create an effect that is just as pleasing to the eye, with an ecological twist.

After Halloween, your pumpkins will still be in splendid shape, and you can use them to prepare excellent dishes. Pumpkins are delicious and rich in vitamins C, E, and K, as well as potassium, manganese, iron, and antioxidants. But that’s not all: it is a truly versatile ingredient, ideal for preparing soups, pasta dishes, side dishes, and many other specialties that are sure to please the tastes of every family member. And if you miss Jack, you can always draw him on the rind with health-friendly colors.

Wreaths and decorations from nature  

Every season has so much beauty to offer you: pumpkins and straw, but also maize, flowers, and leaves will come to your aid to create unique, completely compostable decorations. Not only autumn plants: a reminder of past spring and summer will accompany you this autumn. A wreath is a decoration that can be enjoyed all year round, but with the arrival of the first cold weather, it can be particularly impressive. Using twigs and dried flowers typical of your area to make these decorations allows you to create something unique and unrepeatable and beautify your home with zero waste. And if DIY is not for you, why not buy a wreath from an eco-friendly shop?

Drop by the second-hand shop

It is true: we get bored quickly and often need to renew our home with new decorations, perhaps to celebrate a new time of year. But who said that “new” means new? Thrift or charity shops are inexhaustible sources of treasures, including seasonal decorations. A visit to your nearest shop may result in welcome surprises. Be careful, though: themed decorations are bought around the holidays, so don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. Don’t miss the chance to give a second life to an item that someone else no longer wants.

New decor? Make your own!

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can spend pleasant hours with the whole family creating your own eco-friendly fall decor. Don’t have any ideas? Luckily, nowadays, all it takes is a quick online search to find numerous suggestions and tutorials so that you can find a new function for objects and accessories that would otherwise surely end up in the landfill.

Some examples? Rags and ruined clothes can be transformed into a terrifying scarecrow with which to frighten your neighbors at Halloween — and which you can store in the attic or garage while waiting for the next season. Crochet enthusiasts can create doilies and decorations in autumn colors, always using eco-friendly yarns (easy to find in DIY shops or on specialized websites). Even wood scraps can be transformed into artificial pumpkins!

Nature has conquered the hearts of many with its beauty. Let it be a source of inspiration for you this year to create eco-friendly fall decor — or let it become part of the decor itself.

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