10 Reasons People are Making the Move to SaltyLama

10 Reasons People are Making the Move to SaltyLama

People are cleaning up how they clean. Around the globe, washing your clothes no longer means making the planet dirty — or exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Instead, consumers are tossing the plastic laundry jugs of liquid detergent for an eco-friendly alternative. Consider the estimated one billion plastic laundry jugs thrown into the trash annually — with less than a third recycled. And in landfills, mountains of plastic jugs can take up to 50 years to decompose. Here at SaltyLama, we’re thrilled our sustainable, eco-friendly detergent strips are helping the environment and making people’s lives easier and safer. Not convinced you should make the switch yet? Let’s review the top 10 reasons why people are making the move from ordinary detergent to SaltyLama!

1. It’s the stress-free, spill-free way to wash

Be honest — you hate lugging around your laundry detergent jug, almost as much as you dread cleaning up the dripping, sticky mess that’s always left behind. Never mind that you need to find space for it on your already-crowded shelf. SaltyLama saves you from all that. Just rip one of our eco-friendly detergent sheets, toss it in where liquid chemicals used to go, and add your clothes. Done! And not a spill in sight.

2. Our super-convenient strips are super-tough

We understand — you have doubts. Yes, it sounds simple and convenient. But how can such a small strip clean a load of laundry? Yet as people learn after switching from liquid detergent, SaltyLama’s eco-friendly laundry strips will leave your clothes clean and fresh — without a trace of residue. They also work in whatever washer model you might have — from top-loading to front-loading to high-efficiency machines.

3. No more guesswork with every load

Never break out the measuring cup again — or guess how much detergent you need for the load size. SaltyLama already did the math for you. Our eco-friendly strips ensure that you never again have to think about whether you are putting in too much detergent — or too little.

4. Youll never worry about harmful ingredients again

If you’re worried about what chemicals might be lurking in your cabinet, start your household cleaning detox by ditching traditional detergent. SaltyLama’s eco-friendly strips are just as safe for the environment as they are for people and animals. Because its ingredients are plant-based — and therefore produced cruelty-free without animal testing, it’s ideal for a home with children and pets. And because the strips are hypoallergenic, they are perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

5. You’re helping protect the environment

Because they have gone down the drain doesn’t mean those traditional detergents have stopped causing damage. Just the opposite. These chemicals end up in our waterways, damaging ecosystems along the way — some are even lethal to aquatic species. Because our detergent strips are plant-based, they contain none of these toxins. No phosphates, which can create algae blooms, or surfactants, which are toxic to animal life. And no dyes, formaldehyde, or brighteners, either.

6. Our strips are packaged — without plastic

Single-use plastic packaging is causing catastrophic damage to oceans, species, and even human health. Think of all the loads of laundry done every year — and the plastic jugs that, once emptied, end up in landfills and in our oceans. Made from petrochemicals, these plastics disintegrate into microplastics. These then end up in our water, consumed by animals, and even inside our bodies. Worse, many of the chemicals found in plastics are known to cause health problems, including cancer. The faster we ditch plastic — SaltyLama’s packaging is biodegradable and compostable — the better off we all are.

7. It’s the smart way to reduce your carbon footprint

Plastic comes from fossil fuels, so even before it ends up in a landfill, its production has spewed greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change. By choosing our eco-friendly strips, you’re cutting the number of detergent jugs circulating, which means fewer carbon emissions.

8. Easier to ship means easier on the planet

Since our sustainable detergent strips are lighter and slimmer than heavy plastic jugs filled with liquid chemicals, they’re easier to transport — meaning fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

9. You can take our strips anywhere

Have you ever thought about traveling with a jug of liquid laundry detergent in your luggage or backpack? Of course not! But SaltyLama’s eco-friendly strips are perfect for travelers who want to travel light, washing their clothes on the go.

10. Subscribe now and save 40%

Act now — and save a huge 40%. Choose one of our scents and never run out of laundry detergent again with a simple, affordable SaltyLama subscription. Skip the store and the lines. We offer super-flexible delivery options — just schedule when you want your order and never think about it again. You can cancel, pause, or skip an order on your subscription whenever you want because we don’t do contracts here. Our goal? To bring our laundry strips straight to your door. Simple as that.



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