Embrace Autumn with an Eco-Friendly Twist

Embrace Autumn with an Eco-Friendly Twist

Just because autumn means an explosion of colors — from yellows to oranges to reds — doesn’t mean we should forget about green. So, if you’re heading out into the foliage in your knitted scarf, pumpkin spice in hand, there are plenty of eco-friendly activities you can try. Not only will you be enjoying all the things autumn has to offer, but you’ll be doing so with a sustainable twist, ensuring that you’re spending the last few months of the year responsibly.

Visit an organic apple orchard

Getting things right from their natural source is part of the sustainable way; that’s why a visit to the apple orchard is easily one of the best things to do this fall. Enjoy some quality time with friends or family as you pick apples, visit the gift shop, and perhaps take home some delightful apple cider, too!

We recommend searching for an organic apple orchard in your area so that you can enjoy the sweetness in the most eco-conscious way. Visiting an organic apple orchard supports sustainable farming, which reduces pollution, and avoids harmful pesticides and fertilizers while also using water efficiently. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to support your local farmers! 

Make homemade pumpkin pie

Fall is all about those spectacular orange gourds, so why not whip up a classic pumpkin pie to celebrate? Gather organic ingredients from a pumpkin patch, your local’s farmers market, or the organic section of your grocery store – and get to baking.

Follow your favorite recipe or try this organic pumpkin pie option and make everything deliciously from scratch. Be sure to compost your scraps and whip up some roasted pumpkin seeds to be even more eco-friendly this fall.

Use pumpkins consciously

Most of us probably buy pumpkins to put out on our lawns during the fall season. It’s a wonderful way to decorate for fall, but the problem is what happens to the pumpkins afterward.

Did you know around 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkin end up in landfills every year? Consumers buy fresh pumpkins just to carve or paint them before putting them on display to rot. After they’re finished, they’re chucked into the trash and then on their way to the landfill. Food waste in landfills is a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

So, instead of carving out pumpkins this fall, decorate with whole fun-shaped gourds, and be sure to use the pumpkins (or at least compost them) when you’re finished. Plus, there are tons of delicious recipes from pumpkin gnocchi to pumpkin bread to try while indulging in eco-friendly fall activities!

Enjoy a picnic in the park

With the leaves changing into dramatic shades of orange and red, fall is a spectacular time of the year. Pick a warm or comfortable day to get out and enjoy the scenery for one of the best eco-friendly things to do this fall. Pack some sandwiches or your favorite picnic treats, a good book or a card game with friends, and soak up the beauty of fall foliage. Bonus points if you cycle to the park instead of driving.

Pick up a new eco-friendly hobby

As the weather gets cooler, we find ourselves inside a bit more often than usual. That’s why picking up some new home-based hobbies is a great way to enjoy the coziness of fall. And what is cozier than learning an activity like knitting, crocheting, or embroidery? Not only do you end up with a new garment or creation, but it is a more eco-friendly activity. You will make the item yourself instead of buying from a major corporation. Win, win! Just remember to purchase sustainable and organic yarn and materials. Also, avoid acrylic as this is quite harmful to the environment.

Tour an organic winery

Many winemakers begin harvesting grapes during fall, making it a great season to book a tour and tasting at a nearby organic winery. Organic wine is not only the healthier choice for your body as it's rich in antioxidants and free of harmful pesticides, but it’s also the healthier choice for the planet. Organic vineyards have richer soil requiring less water usage, and the elimination of pesticides and herbicides means the environment isn’t taking a hit either. 

Jump into a pile of leaves

Life is short; have fun, let loose, and jump into a pile of leaves. The sound of crisp leaves crunching is absolutely part of the beauty of autumn and why not embrace it in the most carefree way! With that in mind, do not rake your leaves into plastic bags. Just let nature do its thing. This way they will break down naturally and add organic matter to the soil in your yard.

Visit an antique store

There are so many timeless things to find at antique stores and fall is a wonderful time to explore them. There’s something autumnal about the creaking wooden floorboards, old books, and vintage apple-shaped decor you usually see in antique shops, and that’s why we recommend this eco-friendly activity during fall! Give a second (or third, who knows!) life to some unique find this season. Plus, it’s never too early to start gift hunting for the holiday season! 

Check out the farmer’s market

An excellent way to be eco-friendly this fall is to support your local economy. Wake up early on a crisp Saturday morning and stroll over to your local farmer’s market to pick up fresh goodies for the week. It’s a major eco-friendly bonus if the farmers manage organic farms!

Craft a DIY Halloween costume

Give a big thumbs down to store-bought costumes. They’re typically unoriginal and cheaply made, and you can totally make something cooler at home. Utilize apps like Pinterest or Instagram to gather some ideas for DIY Halloween costumes. Use clothes you already have or borrow from friends, and you might just surprise yourself with what you can come up with! Plus, you’ll be saving money and being more sustainable this Halloween season.

Fall is an amazing season to do things a bit more sustainably! Try a few or make this a bucket list and embrace the fun of these eco-friendly fall activities. Looking for more fall inspo? Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly decor ideas for fall.


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