Sustainable House Cleaning Solutions for Seniors

Sustainable House Cleaning Solutions for Seniors

House cleaning is a chore no matter how old you are — but it can become a difficult and even dangerous one for seniors. Faced with the limitations of an aging body, tackling even daily tasks — such as getting to hard-to-reach areas — can present a physically grueling, and even impossible, challenge for those entering their golden years. So, whether it’s you or your loved one who needs help to ease the load, we have a few hacks to make house cleaning for seniors more manageable. From how to make your laundry routine a lightweight breeze to decluttering solutions, read on for easier cleaning.

Use a duster with an extension pole  

Are tucked-away areas like the top of your fridge or ceiling fan now a struggle to reach? For easier cleaning, try using a duster with an extension pole. Swipe up dust and debris by extending the pole to the appropriate length and sliding it across dirty surfaces. Simply let the extension pole act as an extension of your body while allowing your arms to remain at a comfortable level. For anyone who can’t lift their arms to reach those tricky spots, this is a great tip when you’re making cleaning for seniors easier.

Create an accessible laundry space  

When decluttering, streamline your laundry space. Store essential items within easy reach. After washing your clothes, it can often be difficult to remove items from the bottom of top loading machines. However, front-loading machines are often more senior-friendly, requiring less bending and reaching. So, if you’re in the market for new appliances, you can keep socks and underwear from sticking to the bottom of your machine by switching to a front-loading washer and dryer.  

Subscribe to lightweight laundry detergent sheets

Face it — no matter how old you are, you hate lugging around detergent in a heavy plastic jug, almost as much as you loathe cleaning up the dripping, sticky mess that’s always left behind. But for seniors, that’s especially true. So, why not make your laundry day easier by switching to SaltyLama’s eco-friendly laundry detergent sheetsThe biodegradable, zero waste packaging is lightweight and the sheets themselves are ridiculously easy to use. Simply tear a strip — two strips to a sheet — and toss it where the liquid or powdered chemicals used to go and add your clothes. Done! From there, the laundry detergent will dissolve and wash your laundry as effectively as your old detergent ever did. You won’t even have to break out the measuring cup again. SaltyLama did the math for you, so you’ll never have to think about whether you are putting in too much detergent — or too little.

If all of this doesn’t already sound super-convenient, skip the store and lines by subscribing. You’ll save money and never run out of detergent again. Just schedule when you want your order. You can cancel, pause, or skip an order on your subscription whenever you want because we don’t do contracts here. Our goal? To bring our hypoallergenic sheets straight to your door.  

Prioritize decluttering the home  

The older we get, the more possessions we accumulate, which in turn can lead to a cluttered home. But you can follow these decluttering tips for seniors and start making decluttering a priority — for greater safety and less stress. Consider hosting a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items to minimize the risk of tripping or falling. Another decluttering tip? Try organizing belongings with easy-to-open containers and labels for quick identification. Also remember to never leave items in heavily-trafficked areas, like hallways and stairs. This can create a tripping hazard. So, prioritize decluttering busy, highly-frequented areas of your home first.  

Use a rolling cart for cleaning supplies  

Instead of carrying your cleaning supplies from room to room, keep them all conveniently stored away in a rolling cart. Put the most used cleaning supplies at the top — cloths, sponges, household cleaning sprays, gloves — and place the items you’ll use the least on the second shelf. This way you won’t have to bend down too often when replenishing supplies.  

Don’t be afraid to ask for help   

There are many services available that will do house cleaning for seniors. So, if you are feeling stressed-out and want an easier cleaning experience, seek assistance, whether by hiring help or asking a younger family member to lend a hand.  

Use a lightweight, cordless vacuum  

Vacuums can be a huge help with your daily cleaning tasks at home since they reach hard-to-reach areas and work faster than traditional brooms. Plus, these dirt-tackling machines have evolved and can now be used on hardwood, carpets, and rugs; many even clean up spills. Make your life a lot easier with a quality vacuum that can do it all.  

If you don’t mind making a larger investment, consider a robotic vacuum that uses advanced sensors to easily move around your home. You can even program it to work on a schedule, so you don’t have to remember to vacuum.   

Switch to indoor-only shoes 

If you want cleaner floors, keep your outside shoes on a shelf by the front door. This way, you and your guests can take off your shoes before entering. Consider leaving slippers nearby so your guests have something to slip on. This will prevent excess dirt and debris from entering your home. Easier cleaning just like that!  

Hopefully these house-cleaning tips for seniors will prove useful when you’re tending to your daily tasks. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and make decluttering and safety a priority for a happy, healthy home as you enjoy your golden years.

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